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Product Design – Product Branding – Product Sourcing

We do not just supply Bottles, Jars and Closures.

We also Design / Brand and Marketing.


We have a team that can work with you in relation to the design of your food product. This includes Label and Logo Design throught to selecting the right jar for you. This costs starts from $500 and the total cost depends on each project. Your first consult is free.


Our design team are ready to help you develop your food packaging using Glass or Plastic part of their role includes find the right product for you. For customers taking above 2000 jars or bottles at a time this product range goes from what is available to over 10,000 products as we are able to source products from all over the world from Europe to the USA to Asia.

Along with sourcing the product we are also able to supply the labels and caps.

We can source the product design and source the labels for you enabling you to focus on developing the formulation of your product and getting your product into the market.

If you also need help we can advise on contract packaging companies that we recommend and already work with.

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