150ml Clear Glass Jar (Pack of 35)

$22.98$34.32 Inc Gst

Comes in Pack of 35

Please choose which cap you wish to buy with discounts available for multiple box orders.

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Clear Glass Jar – 150ml

Please note these are only approximate.

Height: 124mm

Diameter: 48mm

Finish:24mm RO



150ml Round Flint Glass Jar 

Bulk enquiries welcome.

We supply a range of Glass Jars ranging from 40gr up to 2ltr

These ROUND glass jars are available in small packs with national delivery.

We offer a much larger range of jars but they come with minimum orders of 1 pallet.

All of our jars are food grade and can be pasteurised.

Small Glass jars are commonly used for Jams, Pickles, Honey, Wedding Favours or various drinks

BULK ORDERS – Round Glass Jars

Our pricing above includes discounts for orders of multiple packs which is also across multiple products so you can order 1 pack of clear glass bottles, a pack of amber pharmaceutical bottles and a pack of Glass Kars and get a discount across all the three different products.


National Delivery with no minimum order.
Our system will work out the best freight rate for you. We don’t hide any shipping costs in the cost of the glass but you can see what our exact delivery cost is.

Caps for Glass Jars
Our Glass jars come with a selection of different caps.

Please choose which cap you wish to use the price listed is the total price including gst

We have a selection of caps from Gold, Silver, Black or White depending on the jar that is chosen.

Additional information

Weight 4.65 kg
Metal Twist Off Closure

No Cap, Gold, Black


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